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23 people share the wholesome secrets they’ve been keeping.

23 people share the wholesome secrets they’ve been keeping.

People keep secrets for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, it's because their secrets are sinister, taboo, or could get them into serious trouble with their loved ones or the law. But some secrets are wholesome and good and people keep them because they have humility, or maybe because they want to preserve the purity of their secret by sharing it with nobody but themselves.... and the internet. Anonymously, of course.

Someone asked Reddit: "What is your wholesome little secret?" These 23 people share the pure and wholesome secrets they're keeping, and you're going to want to read these with tissues on hand:

1.) From ShamelessFox:

Whenever I can, I anonymously buy the meal for a senior citizen eating breakfast alone. I used to get breakfast with my Dad. He passed away suddenly and a few months after he passed I saw a man eating breakfast alone that looked like my Dad. Right down to the awful gaudy suspenders. Broke my heart. So I started buying breakfast for a senior dining alone as my random act of kindness that also fulfilled my wish that I could still take my Dad to breakfast.

Sources: Reddit
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