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20 people who 'dodged a bullet' share their stories.

20 people who 'dodged a bullet' share their stories.

Whether or not you believe in God or the existence of guardian angels, if you've ever dodged a proverbial or literal bullet, it sure can feel like some kind of protective being is looking down on you, narrowly saving you from disaster.

Someone asked Reddit: "What's the biggest bullet you've ever dodged?" These 20 people share stories of how they narrowly avoided a tragic or unfortunate scenario:

1.) From SaltySteveD87:

Once at a bar a woman was surprisingly into me as we danced. If I had had more confidence back then I definitely could’ve taken her home.

In the end, one of my karaoke buddies ended up with her instead and got caught by her husband that night.

2.) From SaveTheNature:

High school gf wanted to talk about baby names. I was headed to college. No thoughts of being a parent! My mom even found a note in my pocket listing her favorites if we had a boy. Anyway, we broke up after 2 years. The next guy she dated was a dad within 9.5mos.

Sources: Reddit
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