15 tax-free laughs for April 15th.

15 tax-free laughs for April 15th.


After an itemized deduction of your clothing, of course.

Happy Day To Feel In A Perpetual State Of Resentment And Financial Insecurity! To take some of the sting out of the worst day of the year falling on the worst day of the week, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Tax Day messages. Might as well have a few chuckles while you’re figuring out how to write off your online poker losses as a business expense ("character building webinar"?) or just to pass the time before your inevitable horrifying audit. Share these with your friends, coworkers, and favorite government employees — or make your own completely tax-free ecard!



For those who no longer need a padded resume or bra. 



Send this to the friend crashing on your couch, checking email on your computer.



Did you know rehab is most citizen's biggest yearly expense?




Thanks for the illicit memories, federal government!



On the other hand, it's a great way to meet lonely IRS employees.



Show me on your tax return where the IRS violated you.



The only thing more rewarding than philanthropy is fake philanthropy.




Especially if yours is higher.



Thank someone for financing your unworthy life of leisure.



It almost makes having a family worth it.




You could always commit tax fraud!



At least it's a real thing.



If you actually did anything all day at work, you'd still have to pay taxes right?



Remember: you have the freedom to bitch about this day all year!



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