This is the most beautiful almost losing a really expensive toy has ever looked.

You can fast-forward to about one minute in to see the drone start to lose altitude, but I highly recommend taking in the whole shot to watch the tiny dot on the beach that is Ryan Chatfield, the drone's owner, slowly realize something is wrong and start running. Not only is the lighting and scenery gorgeous, but it really makes the fact that he somehow gets there in the last second that much more amazing.

Oh man, I may be 30, but there is still no feeling worse to me than buying something fun and new like a fresh $60 video game and accidentally breaking it. This is why I don't have a drone; they're expensive, and I'd almost definitely break it, and then a bunch of kids would have to watch a 30-year-old man in the park cry because he flew his toy into a tree and snapped a propeller.

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