NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's gorgeous Earth-lit space selfies change color based on what area of the world he's floating over.

If I understood 2001 right — and I'm pretttttttty sure I did — this scene was all about taking selfies with cool space lighting. (via YouTube)

Astronaut Scott Kelly is currently aboard the International Space Station, taking part in The Twins Study, a year-long exploration of the effects of space on the human body. While Scott is up in the ISS, his identical twin brother, former astronaut Mark Kelly, is being monitored on Earth. The hope is that by studying two people with identical genes, NASA can make some important discoveries about how time in space changes humans physically and mentally.

While he's up there, Scott is doing lots of things that us normal humans do here on Earth — using hashtags, taking part in Monday Motivation, and snapping selfies. And as it turns out, selfies are just a little more epic when you're illuminated by the goddamn Earth:

Sources: h/t Mashable | Scott Kelly on Instagram