"Getting paid for sex" sounds like the definition of prostitution, but it can also mean something else!

Bill and Melinda Gates at CondomFest '08. (via Getty)

Despite what Trojan commercials might make you think, there are a lot of problems with condoms. According to The Guardian, only 5% of men wear condoms worldwide, which is very bad for disease rates and unexpected pregnancies. Similar to what they've done for malaria, underfunded schools, or a multitude of other human rights issues, Bill and Melinda Gates are using their buttloads of cash to change things.

They held a condom design contest and gave $100,000 to 11 winners in order to allow them to further develop their products. The winners of the next round will then be awarded $1 million to go even further with their inventions. Among some of the designs that received money are a "shrink-to-fit" condom, an "Origami condom," and a condom made out of recycled beef. Reading about the designs, it sounds like Sharper Image is opening up a condom store.

Sources: The Guardian