Gmail has just implemented an "undo send" option.

"Finally, those dick pics are all mine again!" (stock photo/Google)

How many times have you sent an email, then immediately wished you could take it back? A million? A billion? Probably a billion. Whether it's telling off your boss, begging an ex to take you back, or donating to public radio, we've all sent mortifying emails we regret. But now, the almighty Google has answered our prayers and introduced the greatest feature of all time: Undo Send.

As soon as you activate this email superpower, you'll have the ability to erase an email you've already sent, as long as it's within an allotted window of time you choose (up to 30 seconds), and the recipient hasn't read it yet. It's a race against time, for sure, but it's a race you'll want to win.

Sources: Gizmodo