This colossal over-expenditure of money is turning into a colossal over-expenditure of fun!

Take note, people who run the Statue of Liberty. (via Gizmodo)

The Olympics get a lot of criticism for their business practices. The city that's hosting always spends a buttload of taxpayer dollars on a bunch of expensive stadiums, and when the activities are over, no one knows what to do with them. Some are successfully repurposed into other sporting venues, like Turner Field or the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. some are repurposed into entirely new venues, such a the Montreal Biodome or Beijing National Aquatics Center. Some, well, are entirely abandoned and end up looking like remnants of some creepy dystopian civilization. None of these options are as exciting London's plans for repurposing The ArcelorMittal Orbit, however.

Sources: Gizmodo