Is that a mouthful of Lembas bread, or are you just really unhappy to see me?

What do you do if you're a huge, red-bearded J.R.R. Tolkein nerd who's lucky enough to have a patient blonde girlfriend? You randomly startle her at work and at home with Lord of the Rings quotes, of course! Why? Well, so he can be "making sure his girlfriend doesn't forget the greatness that is LOTR." That's all the explanation given for this video, posted by Joe Azzopardi, a friend of the lucky nerd/boyfriend behind the camera. Now, you would also think that a nerd would be better at turning his phone sideways, but apparently this is a collection of Snapchats all strung together. Maybe Snapchats have to be vertical? I wouldn't know, because even though I'm a giant fantasy nerd, I'm also turning 30 soon and am unaware of this disappearing-photo wizardry the kids speak of.

Sources: Joe Azzopardi