Brave New World...was published right before a lot of these people were born.

Back in my day, dogs were sweet. If they weren't, they were dead. (via reddit)

Old people invented the Internet. They did not, however, invent Facebook. It shows. Don't get me wrong—sometimes old people do it better than anyone, like when they call out their descendants on being lame. Or when they have friendly conversations with brands, or unfriendly conversations with brands...they have a lot of conversations with brands, specifically Walmart. Other times, they rival teenagers at not knowing what is and isn't appropriate to post on the social networking site. They may have fought in wars and participated in civil disobedience, but give them a blank box where they can enter anything for the world to see, and soon the whole Internet is held hostage like the patrons of a Denny's where someone's grandmother is telling the staff what she really thinks of Obama.