14 people who promptly proved they shouldn't own drones.

14 people who promptly proved they shouldn't own drones.

Among other reasons, drones are appealing because they're relatively inexpensive gadgets that feel futuristic. A flying camera, how neat! Despite seeming like a symbol of the great leaps technology has taken, these 14 mishaps prove that drones still have a long way to go. 

1. This drone was asking for it.

2. They didn't believe enough.

3. Drones are great for capturing special moments, or not.

4. The eagle wasn't cool with sharing air space.

5. Hair is a drone's favorite place to burrow.

6. Zero effort.


7. Beware of dog.


8. Never let go, Jack.

9. This one wasn't the drone's fault.


10. Totally part of the trick.

11. This drone has issues.


12. The drone objects.

13. Simply taking a break.

14. Animals really have it out for drones.

Is the innate dislike animals have for drones an indicator that machines are suspicious? No, that can't be right. All the futuristic movies about technology have happy endings.