31 people who should've checked the background of their photo before sharing it online.

31 people who should've checked the background of their photo before sharing it online.

Dildos. Drugs. Grandparents. Butts. What do these things have in common? They are often in the backgrounds of photos taken by people who leave their dildos, drugs, old people and naked butts out so often they didn't even notice that they were there. As more and more of our lives are captured in photos and videos, the risk of our embarrassing personal items/body parts continues to rise, until finally we'll be forced to hide all of our embarrassing things before we turn on our devices every morning because the world is one giant webcam. On the other hand, it won't be all bad because we'll get to look at everyone else's embarrassing stuff. Like these folks:

1. New at-home weight-loss trick bends space itself. Physicists HATE her!


2. Hint: Aunt Sally is crouching behind grandpa.

3. An oldie (and on TV), but a classic. Situational awareness, CNN. Try it sometime.

4. Fortunately, the genetics of intelligence are pretty complex, so don't give up on her yet.


5. This preppy scene before the OU vs UT game brings new meaning to "tailgate."

6. I promise to love you forever, no ifs, ands, or butts.

7. Hard to tell which couple's the photobomber and which the photobombee.

8. To be fair, this guy is kind of a dick for making this photo all about him.


9. Selfies really do reveal a lot more about you than you intend.

10. They got two copies so their kids can watch one that's never been sullied by adults watching it on crack.

11. A great part of traveling is seeing how other people behave on the beach. ​

12. That's a cute top. And a horrifying bottom.


13. Babies are a great way to work out your triceps.


14. This was tweeted out by a university. Although more disconcerting is that old guy's no-knock entry.

15. Allegedly, the person who posted this had it on their fridge for years before noticing.


16. Small and available beats huge and nonexistant.


17. In case you ever wondered what happened to the guy who built a 6-foot bong in college.

18. If you turn the picture upside down, you can see the same shape between the glasses.

19. It turns out Christians find cows holy after all.

20. Yeah, you're probably not going to have 147 updates anymore once this gets out.


21. These women accidentally held a mirror up to their drug problems.

22. I'm pretty sure that man just successfully shoplifted some produce in his pants.

23. More like the cat should have checked the foreground of his picture, am I right?

24. Could it be more disturbing? Try to rule out the possibility that it's a dead deer. See?

25. No wonder that man in the back doesn't need to care what he looks like.


26. They're like cleavage twins, except one of the twins is way less attractive.

31 people who should've checked the background of their photo before sharing it online.

27. That woman is riding a mechanical bull, FYI, not receiving oral sex from Satan.

28. What makes this exponentially worse is he was being interviewed about the Boston bombing.

31 people who should've checked the background of their photo before sharing it online.

29. Why are his shades pixelated but not his ass in the mirror?


30. "And in the back, you can see James doing his pre-workout cleanse." (at 00:21)

31. Love and marriage, love and marriage, they go together like a baby and dru-ugs.