If you blame your drinking on feeling anxious all the time, you are (support group voice) not alone. That anxiety may be from a lot of different things—genetics, personal circumstances, this f*cking election—that you can't really control. But it might also be from your social media use. Here are some ways you can change that, in easy-to-swallow listicle form.

1. Take a social media detox.

It's like kombucha for the mind.
It's like kombucha for the mind.

Doesn't that sound good? Detoxing? It's like going on a juice cleanse, but without the weird poops. A study from the nonprofit Anxiety UK found that 45 percent of people feel "worried or uncomfortable" when they can't access their email and Facebook. "These findings suggest that some may need to re-establish control over the technology they use, rather than being controlled by it,” said Anxiety UK CEO Nicky Lidbetter. One way to do that is by taking some time away from social media. After a month of not using Facebook, you may stop experiencing anxiety about not being invited to your friend's horrible improv shows anymore.