"No, no, no, nononononononono NOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAaAAaaAaaaaa..."

There is nothing worse than dropping your phone (especially if you're the first person to ever get an iPhone 6 and you're on live TV) and feeling your stomach fall with it as you briefly wonder how bad the damage will be.

But how does your phone feel? Probably pretty terrified. It's a tiny, brittle little thing, and its internal gyroscopes (the things that detect if you're holding or tilting your phone vertically or horizontally) are spinning like crazy as they hurtle towards Earth. Now, however, you can give a voice to your scared little toy, thanks to redditor chewmeiser, who figured out a way to program the phone to give the famous Wilhem scream as it falls, an idea first proposed in the webcomic XKCD. Someone made a Vine of an early version of the tweak, although it is apparently better now at screaming as soon as it starts falling: