Using the power of engineering to turn outdated technology into useless technology.

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to make a gun that shoots CDs? What's that? No? You haven't? Yeah, makes sense. I haven't either. But YouTuber JZSlenker made one anyways, using a an angle grinder and what looks like some other basic hardware store stuff. It's kind of cool? A first, I was thinking you could use it to shoot CDs out to fans at a concert as a cool way of releasing a song, but then I remembered that the Internet exists. I guess it's just a cool way to throw out old CDs. Maybe you could use glow-in-the-dark CDs and film a homemade Tron sequel with it? Yeah. Go with the Tron angle during your investor pitch, Slenker.

Sources: The Daily Dot | YouTube