It's hard to talk about Thor and his mighty hammer Mjolnir without gettin' all hot and bothered about what a sexy beefcake Chris Hemsworth is, but please try and focus. This article is about science!  Not Chris Hemsworth's bulging biceps, long, flowing blond hair, casual stubble, or clingy pleather body suit, oh yeah, come to mama...

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As the legend goes, not just any nerd off the street can scoop up the god of thunder's magical hammer Mjolnir. It's only for those who are truly hot, I mean, worthy. Seeing a loophole and having way too much time on his hands, YouTuber and technology wiz "Sufficiently Advanced" created a replica of Mjolnir that can only be picked up by one person: him. Unlike Thor, the creator of "Real Mjolnir" uses magnets and finger print scanners, not the oiled up six pack of a smokin' hot hunk. Check out the video to see how it's made, and even better how he pranks a bunch of dummies with it.