Sigh. It looks like Uber has officially transitioned from the fun, cool car service who let's you take a sip of its wine while your mom's not looking to the strict, uptight car service that won't let you go to the movies on Friday night. Uber recently released its first-ever set of rules for passengers.

The new list of rules bans flirting while riding, vandalism, and "vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption," among other things. Breaking these rules could result in being permanently banned from using Uber.


“Most riders show drivers the respect they deserve,” Uber said in a statement. “But some don’t – whether it’s leaving trash in the car, throwing up in the back seat after too much alcohol or asking a driver to break the speed limit so they can get to their appointment on time."

“This kind of poor behavior is not OK.”

Anyone else feel like they're being lectured by their high school gym teacher?


UGHHHH. I can't even trash the vehicle?! Uber, you're no fun!

They also don't want people "to shout, swear or slam the car door" or bring guns into the car. (Fine.)

The rules go on to state that “Any behavior involving violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity while using Uber can result in the immediate loss of your account.”

Okay, fine. These rules are probably a good idea and in the best interest of everyone. But I'm still going to complain about you grounding me last weekend, Uber.

Sources: The Guardian