This is technically SFW, but it's not recommended that you watch it with coworkers.

Is virtual reality the wave of the future? Well, watch this very young looking (hopefully over the age of 18) man hump a plastic doll in a Sailor Moon outfit in front of a gaggle of laughing dudes. He certainly seems to be enjoying himself... The only good thing that can be said about this display is that he doesn't have his penis out.

The person who posted the video says there's an iPhone in the mannequin that reads the, uh, position the person making sweet love to the doll is in. Also that the creator hasn't settled on a name yet for this "game," but is thinking Space Battleship Girlfriend. If you make the video full screen you can see the monitor showing the humper's perspective. It looks like a woman and some explosions, so that title sounds pretty appropriate.

Sources: zeroyon01