The good news: ili, the world's first wearable translator, has been invented and will be available for purchase this summer. The bad news: the commercial for this translator is just a guy harassing, generally annoying, and even chasing unsuspecting Japanese women. 

ili Wearable Translator

Japanese company creates innovative new translation product. Decides to market it using the most cringeworthy video possible.

Posted by GaijinPot on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

From an actual (imagined) transcript of the creative team's advertising pitch meeting: "Ok, we've got a great portable tool that enables immediate communication between people who speak different languages. We could market it by showing all the good and wonderful things it can do, the doors it could open and the problems it could potentially solve. Or—hear me out—we could just get a guy to try to kiss some chicks he doesn't know." 

Sources: Facebook: GaijinPot | Ubergizmo