You're a power-hungry tyrant! A very small, undemanding tyrant, but still.

So, a Redditor and his girlfriend booked a hotel room. I know it sounds like a set-up to a joke, but yes, a redditor has a girlfriend. Being a Redditor, DecentDudeDustin was probably physically unable to write a.) nothing, or b.) something unamusing in the Special Requests box. Instead, he wrote something slightly wacky in the hopes that his desires would be tolerated and he would be awash in Internet points. However, since his request wouldn't be filled for over a month (he was visiting Houston for a John Mayer concert, but we don't judge), he totally forgot about it. This is the disadvantage of trying to one-up the old pizza-box drawing trick. But when they walked into their room, his girlfriend started cracking up:

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