AirBnB hosts share their most memorable moments, and it involved surprisingly few orgies.

AirBnB hosts share their most memorable moments, and it involved surprisingly few orgies.

These stories from people who have rented out their home on AirBnB will make you very happy that the site exists—so that you can read these stories—but they may not convince you to take in strange guests. The Irish poet William Butler Yeats once said, "there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet." But if Yeats were alive in the time of AirBnB, he probably would have said, "Strangers are the devil, do not let them into your house."

How many stories about AirBnB do we need to read before we realize that "friends you haven't met yet" are just people who want to host BBW sex fetish parties in your apartment? Here are 10 such tales of weirdness, woe, and sometimes joy from hosts and guests sharing their experiences with the mostly-legal hospitality site on reddit.

1. Let's start off gently with billythefly90, who had a surprisingly pleasant experience with a guest.

Well not a host, but rented a room for over a month and there was an air mattress that was for rent in the living room. This is in Beijing, China by the way. Middle of the night, the man renting the air mattress, knocks on my door with a thing of beer. I'm hurting from eating way too much and open the door to my bedroom. There is a complete language barrier and he motions me to follow him. He just points to the TV and says the word "Funny." He motions me to sit on the couch and we end up watching Top Gear with subtitles. We're both laughing at the same show and can only communicate with thumbs up. It was a good night.


2. After that heartwarming tale, let's dive straight into WeDaNorth's absolutely batshit story.

Some backstory: Four of my friends and I decided to go to California. For accommodations, we chose to rent out a BnB online. Upon landing, things got sketchy. We contacted the host (let’s call her Veronica) to notify her of our arrival. She told us the address of the apartment, which was different than the one initially listed. We were also told not to contact the front desk for anything, but instead to her directly. This raised some red flags, but we were only staying for three nights so we weren’t too concerned.

Now to the eventful night: After having a great time around town, we headed on back to our room to chill for a bit before going to a club. When we got ready to leave, we went over to the door, but realized the lock is broken. We struggle for 20 minutes trying to get the door open, but to no avail. There also were no screwdrivers around that would allow us to remove the lock. We were essentially stuck inside our room on the 49th floor of this apartment complex so we decided to contact Veronica. After another 30 minutes of trying to explain things through texts, she says she will call the front desk to help us out. This is when things get fucked up. 40 minutes later, the maintenance man comes to our room (let's call him Hector). Problem is that Hector is drunk and banging on our door. Oh yeah, did I mention Veronica was about to get evicted in a couple of days due to overdue rent? We had no idea either. Anyways, Hector tells us he will let us out when we pay our overdue rent whether it takes 4 hours or 4 days. We try to explain what's happened but he doesn't seem to understand us. He's angrily trying to break down the door to come in. Now, here we are, five guys who aren't from the area and the only exit from the room we are currently stuck in is the door that is being broken down by Hector. We decided to call 911 since we didn’t know whether this guy had a gun on him. While on the line with the operator, he somehow manages to come inside and I shit you not the door locks behind him and is stuck once again. Now the five of us are stuck with pissed off Hector looking around and asking about rent not knowing whether he is armed while we are quietly on the line with the cops. Hector calms down once he realizes we know nothing about the rent situation. At around the same time, cops rush to the building and are demanding Hector open the door with his hands up. But the door is stuck, and Hector is trying to open it up with a large kitchen knife, because why not? After some shouting back and forth, we finally get Hector to drop the knife. Some police officers manage to get out to a neighbour’s balcony and ask two of us already standing out there what went down. We describe the situation and they head back to try to get the door open. Eventually, the cops got it open and after further explanation of the situation, everything turned out well for those involves. Except for Veronica. She was found to be subletting apartment rooms and condos online. She got completely fucked by her landlord after she was fucking them over for the last few years.

3. Alphare housed a record-breaking shower-taker.

Just 2 days ago, my friend decided to put the spare bedroom on Airbnb, since her roommate was not to come back until a few days after. A 56 year-old woman showed up that night with two cans of beer, then proceeded to drink them both in under a couple of minutes, start yelling at people in the street and cry. She explained she had been laid off earlier this day, and was apparently not taking the news lightly. She then vomited a few times, took three very noisy showers between 2a.m. and 8a.m. and left early with only a post-it note saying "Thank you, Mumu.".


4. mrmdc tells a shocking case of a guest leaving the apartment in better condition than they found it.

I rented out my apartment and the heater broke down in the middle of winter.
My guest calls me to tell me and I immediately call someone to go fix it.

When the guests leave (I didn't meet them since I was out of town) and I come back home, I see that all the windows and doors now have sealant around them and the frames have been caulked so there are fewer drafts. There were also a few other fixes done to the place.

Apparently, my guest spoke the local language better than I do and told the repairman to fix a bunch of other shit in my apartment while he was there. It didn't cost me anything extra and she still left me a 5 star review.


5. LittlelLo shares the reason you should never deal only with a guest's parents.

Rented out my flat in south bank London to two American teenagers whose parents did it for them. I had to be there to show them how the alarm worked as parents didn't trust someone not to break in when they were sleeping "And do god knows what to our girls!"

Skip to two days later and I'm woken up at 2am by a call from one of the girls frantic, they were being arrested and didn't know who else to call but couldn't tell me why. Now at this point I was worried because they seemed a little air-headed but nice enough girls. So I called their parents to let them know what was happening and I was going to the station for them and I'll call them as soon as I know more. When I got there I'm told that these two bitches BROKE INTO THE FLAT ONE FLOOR DOWN and were trashing it. They thought they whole fucking thing was more of a hotel but people lived in the trashed flat full time and were out that evening and had to come home to find two 19 year old fucking up all their shit.

I was so pissed. I called the parents and let them know and they were just weird about it. I don't know if they didn't believe me or what but they soon must of found it real when they got the knowledge that my neighbors were going to press charges.

I noped the fuck out of ever doing airbnb again and offered to pay for damages to the other flat but thankfully my neighbors were nice people and said that they wanted the girls who actually did it to pay for it. Kinda still feel bad for that but can't force it on them.


6. Martha_is_a_slut hosted an animal idiot.

Guest kept poking my rescue dog saying "he won't bite me." He bit him.

7. seldomseen_kid had a bizarre connection with her guest.

I host in Manchester, UK, usually just get people visiting for one night to go and watch the football but recently I've had people staying for a week or so for contract work. I don't mind either and as I share my house I make an effort to actually chat to them. Makes for a less awkward morning encounter!

So this guy comes to stay, in his late 50s, I'm 30F but its no big deal, I talk/listen to people for a living and can usually find some common ground and generic conversation topic. On this occasion we were experiencing a heatwave so being British we started talking about the weather. He'd driven a couple hundred miles and I sympathised as I'd just met up with some family who'd done a similar trip. Turns out they'd travelled from the same place. Turns out he's from the same place as my dad. Turns out he played rugby with my dad when they were 16. I've literally never met another person unrelated to me from that part of the country and here was this guy paying to stay in my spare room.

He was a bloody lovely bloke and gave me a bottle of cava when he left.


8. sol_on_fire has a warning tale for everyone in an affair.

We had a guest book our guest home for her birthday weekend. It was just going to be her and her 'brother'. She texted the day before saying it was just going to be her. I thought that no one should have to be alone for their birthday, so we put up a happy birthday banner and bought her some Cupcake wine with a decorative birthday wine glass and a big cupcake. She cried. Turns out the brother was actually a married guy she'd moved across the country for, but big surprise, hadn't/wouldn't leave the wife. They broke up the day before her romantic beach birthday trip.

I hope she's found better people to hang out with.


9. Ryuksapple has a heartbreaking story of hosting unrequited love.

One guy we felt particularly bad for. He came in Friday night saying he was visiting a friend over the weekend and wouldn't be around much. We thought it strange his friend wouldn't put him up but she was getting paid so who cares. He was a rather large guy, soft spoken and awkward but very nice.

First night he came in around 8 and my girlfriend and I had plans so we went out for the night. Came back around midnight and he was watching hbo and said turns out his friend couldn't hang tonight.

Next morning we get up. My girlfriend makes breakfast for all of us and we get acquainted. Turns out he was here to visit a college female friend he hasn't seen since he graduated couple months ago. He never says it but we pick up very quickly he is very into this girl and she is giving him the run around. She doesn't respond all afternoon and girlfriend and I are in the midst of renovating her front yard. He, having nothing else to do, helps with the yard work. He hears back from his "friend" and she says she won't be able to see him that night either.

We felt super bad for him cause he was so kind and helpful and just lacked confidence so we go get some good local food for the 3 of us and watch deadpool cause he hadn't seen it. We hang out, drink beers and talk and had a good time. He was gone when we got up the next morning but I hope his trip wasn't a total waste.

He left a review saying his experience felt like staying with good friends. Which just broke our hearts but hopefully he moved on from the girl. Best of luck to ya Michael, best of luck.


10. And finally, kinkakuji has a tale of love requited. Turns out, you can find love in a hopeless place.

My husband and I host people in our house. A guy messaged us about 6 months ago, saying he wanted to propose to his girlfriend while on a trip to our city, and wanted to use our rooftop for the proposal (it's a wide space and has a really nice view and we have it listed as a key point of renting a room with us). Several of his friends flew here secretly before the proposal to set things up. A couple of days after they'd arrived, he took her out for the day, and his friends came by to set up the balcony with balloons, candles, decorations, flowers, etc. Then they hid in the house until the couple arrived back home. They went up on the roof, and their song was playing and the friends jumped out as a surprise, then the guy proposed. She said yes! It was really sweet. We arranged to be away for the evening, but they invited us to have champagne with them when we had gotten back. It was really cute.