Advertising Chapter One under "F%#k You Don't Steal My Money" in Section 8.215 it says, "F%#k you don't steal my money."

Rest of letter and full transcription below. (via reddit)

Taking money from comedian Eugene Mirman is not a good idea. The stand-up and voice of Gene on Bob's Burgers is well known for his open letters to such infamous money-stealers as Time Warner Cable. This week, Mirman has penned a viral open letter to a new kind of target: greedy tourist trap village police. We all know that visiting seaside tourist towns is a trade in which you receive good food, scenic views, and invigorating salt air in exchange for forking over all your money for said good food, sub-par fudge, and amateur sunset paintings. One such tourist trap is the absurdly adorable town of Portsmouth, NH. Just look at this f%#king place:

Sources: redditor jgb919 | WOKQ