Get ready to think, "Man, I really should take time off and go on a five month hike," before remembering that you'd panic if you went more than three waking hours without Facebook.

We all like to believe the best of ourselves. We have so much potential as humans, after all. With practice, cowardly people can become brave; unathletic people can become marathon runners; and every single one of us can convince ourselves for, like, five minutes that we're going to do a many-month-long hike before we get sucked back into watching Dance Moms and forget we ever said anything about going outside.

A few people actually do these hikes, like the often-traveling Mac, who walked the Pacific Crest Trail and made the video you see above. He shot regular video during the 2,660 mile hike from Mexico to Canada, and edited it into the three-minute compilation you see above. I sat in my desk chair with shitty posture and watched the entire thing, thinking: "This is beautiful! I like beautiful things! I could do this!" before realizing that, as much as I love being active outside, I have rent and a cat and a car payment.

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