Here's an interesting tidbit from the highest office in the country, and how it bends space-time for the purest convenience of its inhabitors.

As you likely know, Melania Trump has decided to stay in New York City instead of moving to D.C. to live with her husband. And who can blame her? She gets to keep her son Barron in his same school, and she doesn't have to wake up every morning covered in presidential spray tan.


But she's still going to have a glam room at the White House, which means she'll be staying there on Friday and Saturday nights, according to TMZ.

That esteemed outlet also learned the breakdown of her travel schedule between the two East Coast hubs. Keep in mind, a direct flight between NYC and DC takes about an hour and fifteen minutes for regular, non-first lady travel. Factor in an hour at the airport beforehand, all that airplane taxiing, grueling traffic in a cab to midtown, and you're looking at five hours from A to B, easily. I don't know exactly, because I've only ever taken a 3,000 hour bus ride.


Not for Melania, of course.

She'll take a motorcade from the White House to Maryland (20 minutes), where she'll hop in a jet (probably not commercial, lol) to LaGuardia Airport (45 minutes).

Traffic though. No one can get around New York traffic, right? And with construction at the airport? Brutal.

Not for Melania. She'll take a brisk, casual helicopter to the Chelsea neighborhood (15 mins), and then another motorcade to Trump Tower (10 minutes).

Grand total is 90 minutes. This is the only reason to want to become president.