With my luck, I'd have something metal in my pocket on the bottom layer. (via reddit)

Redditor stou was doing the flying thing recently when he spotted some fellow travelers having trouble at the check-in. They were flying from Singapore to Sydney, Australia, but the desk agent told them that their carry-on bags were over the free weight limit and that they would have to pay $130 in fees.

They opted for a different plan. The two guys, who are apparently from San Francisco, cut this Gordian Knot by putting on layer after layer of clothes, thus reducing the weight in their bag back down to free levels. Apparently, this really irritated the airline agent in Singapore, and stou overheard the agent tell them "something along the lines of 'I am going to come to the gate and make sure you are still wearing everything.'" No word on whether there was a follow-up at the gate, although I'd hate to be the third person in their airplane row when they start taking all that off.

Sources: redditor stou