29 of the best, worst, and weirdest things foreigners are surprised by when visiting America.

29 of the best, worst, and weirdest things foreigners are surprised by when visiting America.

Strange but true: 95% of the 7 billion humans on Earth don't live in America. Even weirder, the people who live in those places consider their weird habits normal, and it's America that's considered foreign and strange. Can you imagine? Sometimes, though, those far-flung foreigners go on vacation. Naturally, some of them choose to come to the land of normal, the United States. But what shocks them when they're here? Fortunately, on several occasions, people have asked. Here are some of the most common and amusing things that have blown the socks off non-Americans when they finally visit the planetary capital.

The Good.

1. This Brit who realized everything is better except the candy.

2. This Aussie who really appreciates the fact that we say ah-pree-shee-ate.

3. This Scandinavian who realized that the highest standard of living on Earth is nothing compared to 3,000 miles of contiguous awesome.

4. This Canadian who revealed that Canadians are really weird when it comes to checking out at the store.


5. This human traffic cone who has forever changed how fries will be ordered.

6. This European who put a lot of thought into this.

7. It's been said but bears repeating, because this was the #1 compliment given to America and Americans.

8. It's the little things that make America a superpower.


9. Diversity is amazing, even if it takes a moment for people from more monochromatic nations.

10. After how nice we are, this seemed to be the top thing foreigners liked about America.

11. You're very welcome, and thank you so much for saying so! Please let everyone else know.


12. More specifically than being nice, we're also friendly. Maybe too friendly. Why don't you come over our house and we'll talk about it?

13. This went in the"good" category because of the enthusiasm and because Friday Night Lights is awesome, but it could have gone in "weird."

The Bad

1. Drinking is a common theme in differences between America and other nations.

2. Another fairly, uh, big observation.


3. A lot of Yanks would have to agree with this one.

4. Freedom ain't free. Sometimes it costs everything.

5. This picky bathroom-goer.

6. There were multiple cities with similar comments, but here's one short one and one longer one.


7. Welcome to America, don't think too hard about it.

8. This is actually really annoying.

9. We have big streets, though.


The Weird

1. March of however-much-these-are-worths.

2. We like our guns, at all ages.


4. Can't really say whether this is good or bad, but it does make you hungry.


5. Someone already mentioned guns are popular, but yeah, guns are popular.

6. Apparently, American weddings are different. Also, child beauty pageants.

7. Maybe you're the weird one, actually, our Kiwi friend.