Being single on Valentine's Day is everyone's ultimate nightmare:. It's worse than death, worse than public speaking, and worse than being alone the day after Valentine's Day and for all time after that. Some of us try to put on a brave face and act like we're OK with it, but that's just because the alternative is a bottomless yawning chasm of despair. If you look closer, you can see the sad truth behind the facade. Check it out:


Any of them would gladly kill the other three for a date.

"The me these people know is a lie."

Sometimes you just want to walk and walk until the world forgets you.

If you're having this much fun in the office, you never have to go home! Alone.

The dog was supposed to help him meet women.

It would be so quick…

She threw herself this party.


"I may be alone, but I can still humiliate you at this meaningless game."

Turn your body into a weapon, and no one can hurt your heart again.

"Hit it toward your mother's house."

"I watch the fish flop on the shore, gasping for breath, and I think, 'You and me both.'"

She's praying for the Earth to swallow her up.


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