Valentine's Day is enough to make anybody insecure about their romance skills. But if you're worried about how you're doing, you're already light-years ahead of the people on this list. Only somebody with zero self-awareness could screw up this badly. Here are the 14 worst examples of supposedly romantic gestures we could find:

1. This guy with hearts shaved into his body hair.

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2. This chocolate penis cake that shoots money.

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3. These bitter Valentine's cookies from a jilted baker.

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4. These free flowers from a man who was stood up by his date.

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5. This blunt message in rose petals on a hotel bed.

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6. This poorly-worded spa ad.

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7. This Valentine with a horrifying reference.

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8. This getaway offer featuring discounted Carrot Top tickets.

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9. This laziest Valentine imaginable.

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10. This billboard featuring Georgia's best deal.

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11. This barely legible proposal written on a pizza.

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12. This candlelight dinner at McDonald's, with music by Ron.

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13. This heart-shaped steak from Texas.

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14. This travel agency that wants you to enjoy the delights of Europe.

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