I hope you've taken all the prerequisites for this master course on subtlety.

Europe: it's old, it's cultured, and you can have sex in it.
(via redditor sexyvinilaphreshness)

Yesterday's paper edition of the Metro UK featured this *sigh* cheeky *ugh* ad from, a travel website specializing in, you guessed it, last-minute travel deals. Since it's Valentine's Day, Last Minute wanted to appeal to all the romantics out there looking for a special getaway. Except, of course, real "romantics" actually make plans in advance. So, who are they left with? Horny people with poor planning skills.

Thus, the #lustminute ad campaign was born. The message is simple, and it is effective: your odds of getting laid go way up if you take someone on a European vacation. I mean, how could they not when the entire continent is apparently festooned with dishes that look like genitals, towers that look like genitals, and butts that look like butts?

Sources: redditor sexyvinilaphreshness