5. Zach Braff. He officially pushed Kickstarter over the line from "good intentioned but occasionally abused way to achieve artistic funding" to "tool for peeking into the evil that lurks in the hearts of man." Over 25,000 backers! 25,000 people spent money to fund Zach Braff's effort to make a sequel to Garden State. That's like donating to a fund to make polio incurable again. This is a movie that's as famous for being a horrible celebration of dude self-love as for its use of a cliche'd plot device (Natalie Portman as the archetype 'manic pixie dreamgirl'). It even managed to launch The Shins while simultaneously making it embarrassing to like them. Those 25,000+ people don't want to see how the Garden State story continues. They just want to hurt the rest of us, and they're willing to pay to do it.