5. Guido Barilla. Guido Barilla, the CEO of Barilla Pasta whose name sounds like it was made up for a Mr. Show sketch, is in rapidly boiling hot water today after making anti-gay comments that may lose his company business. Barilla appeared on an Italian radio show and said his company's ads would never feature a homosexual family and that he doesn't support gay adoption. Gays and friends of the gays who still eat carbs are protesting Barilla's statements en masse on Facebook and Twitter, insisting there are plenty of other great pasta companies out there, although we can't quite remember what their names are. This is much more fun for me than the Chick-fil-A boycott because I actually eat Barilla pasta, so now I can feel involved when I don't buy it (once I finish what I already have because wastefulness isn't part of the pro-equality movement, either).