I spent 45 minutes on Instagram looking for pictures of doll hands at summer festivals because that's about how long I can sustain caring about weird party trends... BUT I MADE SOME DISCOVERIES.

Early 20s rave kids are a subsection of people I already don't understand, and I would gladly shake a cane at them if I a) had a cane or b) ever went places frequented by rave kids in their early 20s. But yesterday, I saw a piece on LAist about how rave kids are apparently bringing doll hands to festivals. Both the author of that piece and the author of another piece she cited from Vice had the tone of "I just don't get these kids!" And I was about ready to get all Andy Rooney right along with them... but then, when I was searching for doll hand examples from the HARD Summer Fest on Instagram, I had a BREAK IN THE CASE:

Sources: LAist