A flock of avid cyclists and goat enthusiasts went on a long journey through Perth, Australia to become the Greatest Of All Time.

These GOATs biked seven hours to draw a detailed outline of the animal, complete with hooves and a smile.

Ben Jones and his teem of riders readied for the journey with helmets, special socks, bike shoes, and of course, a stuffed animal.


The crew make up an amateur cycling team called FGHTCLB.CC, and completed the character in seven hours over 126 miles (202.8 kilometers for the metric folk).

Jones told ABC Radio "it was just a fun way to spend a Sunday."

The crew chose to bike a goat because "Goats are badass and they're an easy animal to draw in profile."

The guys tracked their progress on the app Strava, which comprehensively maps it up if you ever find yourself wanting to get your goat on in the Perth area.


The picture went viral on Reddit, and the team is already discussing their next route.

"There is talk of doing a quokka or a numbat or some other iconic West Australian animal,"Jones said.

"Part of the reason we actually did this now is that my partner is nine months' pregnant, she's due in about four days," Jones added.

"It was something fun to do before I have a kid — geddit?"

Sources: ABC