Life's not a sprint, it's a marathon. And that means you've got to prepare yourself for the ups and downs, the moments when you're feeling at your best, and the moments when you say "screw it," take off your heels and instead wear McDonald's bags as shoes.

That's what one lady did on Friday night, when out for "Black Friday," a evening celebrated in Wales on the Friday before Christmas, when the party people go out and get wild (pretty sure we can assume the name relates to getting "black out" drunk). Buzzfeed spoke to the photographer, Matthew Horwood, who managed to catch the woman on camera before she stumbled off into the night.


"Black Friday is when everyone goes ham and drinks a lot," Horwood explained to Buzzfeed. Seems pretty straightforward. Horwood chronicled the evening for Wales Online, where you can view plenty of photos of debauchery. But amongst it all, the bag shoe lady stood out. "Not much surprises me anymore, but that did," he said.

People are finding life and fashion inspiration in our unnamed hero:

And I guess you've got to respect that Welsh people know how to dedicate themselves to the cause of partying. Where is our bag shoes lady now? Did she get into the next club wearing paper on her feet? Did she wake up to find out that her feet had been hamburgers the whole time? Does she know she's started an international fashion trend? I have so many questions for her that will never be answered. I know you're out there Mcdonald's-bags-for-shoes lady. My only hope is that it was all worth it.

Sources: Buzzfeed