January 1st is National Hangover Day, a holiday people celebrate whether they know it or not. We reached out to our Facebook fans to give us their best and worst hangover cures so we can fully bring in 2017 the right way: by drinking enough to forget 2016.

1. Our reader Andrea lives the glamorous life.

Drink water before you go to bed.... when you wake up and that doesn't work... spend the rest of the day in the bath tub hoping you rehydrate through osmosis.

2. Jeffrey does a preemptive strike.

After I've drank....before going to bed, I eat a ham sandwich on a hamburger bun(preferably with yellow mustard), while leaning over the kitchen sink(I just do lol). Then I take one Aleve caplet and drink a glass of water. My hangover is pretty much non-existent in the morning!

3. Roisin takes it back to the good old days.

Pedialyte! Find it in the baby section of any grocery store, stock up, and chug some before you pass out if possible and drink it during the day afterward

4. Jessica's mother knows best.


The morning after a night of at least 20 Jell-O shots (not exaggerating) and projectile vomit, there was no other reasonable choice but to call my mom. I had never asked her for hangover advice but with a 5 hour drive ahead of me and being sick as a dog, I was desperate.

She immediately told me to go the store and I was specifically instructed to get an old fashioned, regular Coca-Cola. She insisted not diet, not Pepsi and no non-name brands. Sure enough, I drank it and felt instantly better! It's now my bizarre, lifelong go-to. #thanksmom


5. Luis preaches the gospel of pears.


HEARKEN!!! Three!! Yes, THREE pears ​

🍐...take them half an hour before hitting the drinks...stay hydrated with reasonable water before, during and after the evening....some bacon won't hurt if you're feeling tipsy....and, DO NOT mix or switch your drink's color (e.g. into whisky, NEVER take a clear drink)...and...the cheaper you drink, the closest you are to a hangover...ah...and if you're over 30...DO ALL THOSE...we're not 20 anymore, buddy!

6. Emma says it's all about location, location, location.

seinfeld lazy michael richards midnight snack eating in bed


Peanut butter on toast and banana milkshake when you get in. Rowntree fruit pastilles next to bed for when you wake up with a mouth someone shat in while you are unconscious, sports cap water so you don't have to sit up and rehydrate thereby avoiding inevitable room tilt-spin and vomit induced bathroom stagger shuffle speed walk scenario

7. Jennifer has discovered celery's reason for existing.

Celery and water!!! Celery has an enzyme in it that neutralizes the acids in your stomach, making you not feel so pukey, and obviously LOTS of water to replace what you lost because we all know that drinking alcohol dehydrates you

8. Nichele keeps it real.

The only way to survive a hangover is to sleep. Wake up, piss, throw up, sleep.. And sleep some more.

9. Sara lets it rip​.
reactions smoke weed 420 marijuana

Bong rips! Cures nausea, brings back appetite, induces sleep!

10. Brandee has a hospital hookup.

We got nufffffin but love & vittys in our veinzzzz 💉 #vitaminpush 💖

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When you have connections, an IV bag of fluids and eggs. Flush and absorb.

11. Raymond's concoction sounds more nauseating that the nausea itself.

Glass of V8 add 1 raw egg 3 shakes of Tabasco salt pepper and a taco John's taco burger or 2. And 3 aspirin.


12. Beatrice says to keep your drinks monochromatic.

dancing party creepy drunk drinking

Get a #1 meal at McDonald's but you must have a real coke (my one time a year I do) definitely drink water in between drinks and never mix liquor colors! Also, any conversation that begins with "let's take a shot of..." should be avoided -seriously not 25 anymore! ​


13. Clau says you need the right type of taco.​


Tacos! (The real thing, not the ones they serve on a weird shell instead of a tortilla) Eat a couple of them with hot sauce (not too hot, or your colon will make you pay for everything you've eaten since birth) and a glass of orange juice. Sleep for at least 8 hours straight, and voila! You're ready to drink a gallon of gin again!

14. John has the ultimate preventative measure.

I find working until 10pm new years eve and at 8am new years day does the trick.