Three friends got to live the dream of flying on a private jet —for the price of a coach seat.

Laura Stevens and her friends Sarah Hunt and Laurie-Lin Waller got to experience the lap of luxury thanks to a delay and some anxious would-be passengers.

Mashable reports that because the women had gotten word that their British Airways flight was delayed, the turned up to the airport later. By then, all of the other passengers on their Gibraltar to London Heathrow flight had been bumped up to earlier flights, leaving them to live out their rock star fantasies.


The crew got to take pictures with their own personal crew.

She gave a tour MTV Cribs-style.


And the friends even got to rock it in the cockpit.

Because the plane was fully stocked for a flight of 150, the women got bumped up to business class and treated to a champagne toast and a three-course meal.

Party like a rock star.


"It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience that we'll never forget," Stevens told Telegraph.

"We felt like celebrities, especially when we were given Champagne – it was the best Christmas present ever, we couldn't believe how kind and lovely everyone was."