There’s a certain art to being lazy. Ironically, it takes a lot of effort—mental effort, not physical effort—to keep doing as little as possible for as long as possible. But then desperate situations call for desperate measures, as these people on Reddit confessed.


1. Sometimes clapping is just too much work for Albuyeh.

Used to have one of those 'clap on, clap off' lights in my room. I hated clapping so I just made an audio recording of me clapping and mapped it to one of the programmable keys on my keyboard.


2. Adman130 knows that the worst part of exercise is the exercise.

Our family got a Wii Fit. I wanted to play it but not work out, so I calibrated the board to the weight of my legs when I'm sitting down.


3. Or squirmdragon is just utilizing their skills, and they're better at yelling than they are at picking up stuff.

While laying in my bed, I called someone in the livingroom to come pick up the remote I dropped. They did it.

4. At least CantChangeMe cleaned it first. Folding it is just too much, you know?

I sent like 50 lbs of clean laundry to FlyCleaners (the pickup and return laundry service) because I didn't feel like folding it.


5. This example from thegreatwhoredini isn't so much lazy as it is time- and cost-effective.

I wore a hole in a pair of black leggings and didn't feel like taking them off to stitch it so I just colored the skin exposed with black permanent marker.


6. User imdayv recommends this solution for someone who is both sick and lazy.

When a friend of mine has a cold he can't be bothered to keep wiping his nose when it runs, so he just jams Kleenex up his nostrils. He walks around in public like this.

7. Yeah, but wearelasers did have to set up a torrent, which seems like a lot of work. Easier to just replay the movie in your mind.

Instead of going over to the shelf 10 feet away from me to grab a movie to watch, I torrented it.


8. Sorry, tongue of rschoey17, but hands have seniority.

I was watch netflix and the pointer was in the middle of the screen. Unfortunately I had already put my hands under the blanket I was using. Used my tongue to move the pointer using the mousepad.


9. Subduction saved both water and time.

I put plastic wrap over a dirty plate and ate off it because I didn't want to wash a single plate.

10. Walking and cleaning in the same day? No thanks, says BridgetteBane.

Put the dishes in the shower and hosed them off because the sink was on the first floor of the dorm. The showers were only 15 feet from my dorm room.

That's a lie. Throwing away my dishes because the shower was too far away, that was the low point.


11. If looking up the weather on your phone instead of out the window is considered lazy, Crushco_ escalated things considerably.

I rang my sister to find out the weather rather than pull up my blind.


12. Domerhead is smart and their roommate is dumb. Any exploitation is fair.

I really wanted to read, but it had just gotten dark, I hadn't turned my light on yet, and I didn't want to get out of bed (was just waking up from a nap). So I called to my roommate who was on the other side of the wall to "come check this really cool thing out!". He walked in the room all excited, and I just said "look what happens when you pull that string!" He glared at me, turned my light on and left without saying a word.


13. User IAMA_dingleberry_AMA is so lazy that they got a cat, the world's laziest animal, to do stuff they didn't want to do.

I have a dog and a cat, and I HATE sleeping with the door open. Sometimes dog wants to sleep in the bedroom, sometimes dog wants to sleep outside the bedroom. But he never decides until I'm comfy in bed. Solution? Keep a laser pointer on my nightstand. Once dog decides where he's sleeping, I'll shine the laser pointer on the door so that my cat paws it closed. It has now become a routine that my cat will wait by the door for the laser before laying down.


14. For Stratomaster21, it's Nerf or nothing. Nothing won.

Shot ~10 nerf darts at my light switch, from bed. Missed all of them and slept with the lights on.

15. Liberal_irony got it in 30 minutes or less! Hot, too!

Had pizza delivered... The pizza place is next door

16. User alexandruh could've shoveled the snow off the car, but all that cold air is bad for the lungs.

This reminded me of a time when I ordered a cab to get cigarettes. It had just snowed and I hadn't shoveled the snow off my car yet. There's this gas station about 3 blocks away but I was too lazy and cold to walk. So I ordered a cab to drive me to the gas station and wait and then bring me home. He looked at me like I was nuts.


17. This deleted user knows that sometimes chores just take care of themselves.

I never reset the clock in my car for daylight savings,... I just wait 6 months, then it's right again.