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19 employees share their worst stories of getting screwed over by HR.

19 employees share their worst stories of getting screwed over by HR.

The whole point of the human resources or "HR" department at a comany is to act as liasons between employees and higher-ups, handle matters like benefits and payroll, and ultimately ensure that employees' needs are being met. As employees, HR should have our best interests in mind. But they often don't. Corruption and incompetence are not at all uncommon in HR departments, and it can create a truly nightmarish work situation.

Someone asked Reddit: "What's the worst 'HR is not your friend' story you've witnessed/experienced?" These 19 employees spill the dirt on times HR behaved badly or screwed them over:

1.) From Gysser:

Pulled into a meeting with two HR reps in the middle of my shift. Taken to this really nice boardroom, which was confusing because I was just a grunt and this is literally floors above where I should ever be. They sat me down and said basically what do you have to say for yourself. Me, still confused, tells them I have no idea what they're talking about. Everyone is really quiet and serious and I'm scared sh*tless. And they say you know what you did, this is cause for termination, blah blah. I'm literally thinking this is really excessive for being a few minutes late sometimes. I insist I don't know what's going on. One of them maybe realized something was wrong and flips open a file and says you're xx right? Turns out they got me mixed up with someone else who has the same name. On the elevator ride down by myself I was still sweating. Don't know what that other person did but man, HR does not play.

Sources: Reddit
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