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16 cab drivers share stories of their wildest rides.

16 cab drivers share stories of their wildest rides.

Being a Taxi, Uber or Lyft driver may have its challenges—but it also makes for some pretty wild and juicy stories.

Someone asked taxi drivers of Reddit: "what is the strangest thing to have happened in your cab?"

These 16 taxi and Uber/Lyft drivers share their weirdest, craziest, and most memorable stories from the job:

1.) From dongbeinanren:

Driving in Toronto club land a little before closing. This girl gets in my cab crying (not that uncommon). I ask her where to and she says "Elmwood and Forest".

I ask her to repeat herself and again she says "Elmwood and Forest".

"Are you asking me to drive you to Buffalo?" I ask her incredulously.


"Do you have any idea what that's gonna cost?"

"I took my boyfriend's wallet."

I realize at this point that I shouldn't take her anywhere...but if I didn't need money I wouldn't be driving a cab, so I take her, meter running to Buffalo. The look on the Border Agent's face when I pull up in my Toronto cab was...resigned. I told him to ask her all the questions, I was only gonna be in the US for less than an hour. I roll down the back window and he just says "Never mind, just go."

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