Jobs! You have to quit them sometime, because otherwise you'll die at them. Possibly soon!

The thought of dying by falling into your office trash can is funny because sometimes you really, really, really, really really wish it would happen. Ha! (via Thinkstock)

Have you been unhappy at your job? You're not alone. It turns out that unhappiness is a basic part of the human condition, and it will follow all of us for our entire lives, nipping at our heels like a shitty stray dog, no matter what jobs we have.

That said, sometimes having a different job can make your life slightly better. At the very least, the challenging time spent transitioning from one crappy job to the next crappy job can momentarily distract you from the hounds of depression that are wailing at your door. If you are interested in distracting yourself in this way, take a look at this list of signs that it's time to quit your job.