5. Justin Bieber. The Biebs may be having a shitty week, but as a result, he's made our week so much better. Photos emerged this weekend of J.B. exiting a brothel in Rio de Janeiro, in the very subtle disguise of a sheet over his head (ironically, a position many of us take when we hear a song by him). Unfortunately for Justin, the sheet couldn't cover all of his artful and meaningful wrist tattoos, so we're pretty sure it was him. Setting aside the fact that if he was Miley Cyrus, everyone would be extremely concerned about all the sex (I'll save that topic for my women's studies thesis), it's a little sad the Biebster couldn't find any fans to pay to sleep with him and had to resort to this. Come on, gals. Apparently, his penis is quite medium-sized! —SRD