5. Wal-Mart execs. While it may not have attracted as much attention as a fake story about a woman stabbing three people for the last X-box in a Chicago Wal-Mart, workers and their supporters were striking outside over 1,000 Wal-Marts on Black Friday. They were sponsored by OUR Wal-Mart, an organization that is demanding more full-time jobs, higher wages, and respect from the higher-ups at Wal-Mart. The organization's protests seem to be slowly gathering momentum (the photo above is from a protest at the beginning of September), though Wal-Mart has been trying to downplay the strikes and up-play their low, low prices (this strategy has worked for them so far!). Plenty of people probably saw the strikers as the first obstacle on their quest for Black Friday dominance, but hopefully Wal-Mart will figure out some way to make more money by treating their workers well, and change their definition-of-evil-corporation ways. Even Ebeneezer Scrooge did.