5. Ashley Wagner. Ashley Wagner came into the Sochi Olympics with a big unopened Olympic Ring next to her name. Even though she placed fourth at the U.S. Championships, the U.S. Figure Skating Association decided to give her the third spot on the ladies figure skating team over Mirai Nigasu—scandal! Wagner had something to prove, and she skated awesomely during the team event. After her skate, Wagner was visibly thrilled. That smile soured though as Wagner got her score: a disappointing 63.10, which led Wagner to say the word "bullshit" on live TV. It also generated the first meme of these Olympic Games, which means the calls for an apology are sure to be coming in soon. But I think we should be celebrating her unsportsmanlike behavior! So far, the Sochi Olympics are hardly the disaster we were expecting. We need people like Wagner to entertain us with their unscripted cursing and grumpy facial expressions. USA! USA! —SRD