5. Every man, woman, and child who didn't marry George Clooney in Venice this weekend.


Gorgeous Oxford-educated barrister Amal Alamuddin married Oscar-winning actor and world's most eligible bachelor George Clooney in a dreamlike ceremony in Venice, Italy today. Over the weekend, the couple hosted everyone from Bono to Matt Damon to Cindy Crawford at a star-studded bash to celebrate their nuptials. That's right, star-studded! That's the type of bash you have when you're taking George Clooney off the market! Even Clooney himself must be jealous of Alamuddin, who got to marry the dashing philanthropist and actor in a small, private ceremony in a freaking palace overlooking the Canal Grande. Sadly, now that Clooney is married, the most eligible bachelor in the world is Jeremy Piven.