1. American Idol fans, because it's going off the air.

Randy, Paula, and Simon have all aged terribly. (Getty)

I have shocking news for all of American Idol's biggest fans: it's still on the air. But not for long, because today it was announced that the next season of Am-Id (my nickname for it, never caught on) will be the last. After 15 years, it's hard to imagine a world without American Idol, or the famous names it launched into stardom: Soul Patrol guy, Frankie Underwood, not-David Archuleta…

Now that Ryan Seacrest, whoever the judges are, and the executives who copied the show from England are retiring to spend more time with their money, I guess the rest of us will be left high and dry. We'll just have to content ourselves watching one of the million identical shows on TV, like The Voice or The X Factor or Pawn Stars.