5. Kanye West, because ABC censored the h**l out of his Billboard Music Awards performance.

Nothing went right for Kanye at last night's Billboard Music Awards. First off, he was introduced by his sisters-in-law Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who were greeted with boos from the audience. Then Kanye took the stage to perform his songs "All Day" and "Black Skinhead," and he was booed too. But it wasn't until he got into his performance that the degradation really started.

Fearing controversy, ABC must have put their most conservative censor on bleeper duty. So much of Kanye's performance was muted, viewers everywhere thought that the sound on their TVs was cutting out. I even thought that, and I knew what happened before I read it. In all, more than a minute of Kanye's five-minute set was inaudible. Yeezus himself hasn't commented on this yet, but he couldn't have been happy. If there's one thing that makes him angry, it's people not hearing his music for even a second.