5. Anyone who hadn't finished writing their Margaret Thatcher obituary yet. The BBC took about fifteen seconds to roll out their pre-written obituary of the Iron Lady this morning. But some news sites had probably procrastinated preparing their obits, crossing their fingers that the former British PM would live another year or ten. "Well, no time for research now. Let's get this done...Margaret Thatcher died today at the age of 87. She had extremely large hair and even larger conservative values. Meryl Streep played her in a movie once. It's all very sad."


4. Customer service representatives at airlines. According to a new report, passenger complaints to the Transportation Department were up 20% in 2012, despite airlines improving in several areas, like taking off and landing on time and not losing people's baggage. Sure, those may seem like things you should be able to take for granted, but you have to remember that the air travel industry is still young. Give it another century and we're sure it will run as smoothly and efficiently as train travel does now. Our biggest air travel complaint so far this year was discovering that we have to wait 4-6 weeks for the arrival of our SkyMall order: a giant globe that opens up to reveal a full bar. Counting down the days!