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5. Gonzalo Jara

Ugh, this guy. It's becoming clear that the popularity of soccer isn't just about rooting for your team with the unbridled rage of a face-painted berzerker. It's also about watching the other team suffer. That suffering will often fall onto the shoulders of a single, spiritually destroyed player who failed to make (or defend) a game-losing goal. As of Saturday afternoon, that player was Gonzalo Jara, who held Chile's hopes in the toes of his foot when he kicked the fifth of five penalty kicks against Brazil, who was leading 3-2 at the time. Jara's kick hit the post, his country was eliminated, and his soul was turned to a dark stew of bile and sadness as he knew he would spend the rest of his life remembering the moment the ball left his foot, carrying him with it on its journey to despair. PS: GET READY TO CHEER FOR AMERICA TOMORROW GUYS!