5. Miley Cyrus, whom we all simultaneously decided to no longer reward for her provocative outfits and oversexed dancing. That's it, Miley! You crossed the line this time, young lady. Of course, there was no way for you to know this was going to be the line, since we've all been pretty supportive of your transformation from Disney Channel golden child to twerking, crotch-grabbing adult up until now. We liked the foam finger stuff, and the tongue action, but the moment you started grinding with Robin Thicke, that was it. That was the moment when we stopped liking you. All of us. We didn't even have to talk about it. We just knew. Don't despair! Now that you're an out-of-contol star whose fame has gotten to her head, you have so many opportunities for redemption! I recommend a brief but very public affair with a married man twice your age, followed by a drug problem (maybe salvia? That'd be a unique angle), trips to rehab, at least four DUIs, and then of course an epiphany and gradual return to our open arms and hearts. See you in two to five years!