5. The person responsible for the Best Buy Twitter joke about a murder investigation.

(via Twitter)

People go to Best Buy for a lot of things. Original comedy, however, isn't one of them. Everyone was reminded of that fact this week when the person who handles Best Buy's Twitter account posted a joke that referenced Serial, a crime procedural podcast about a murder that supposedly took place at a Best Buy store. That Tweet: "We have everything you need. Unless you need a payphone. #Serial" I'm not sure if any fans of the podcast from the creators of This American Life also follow Best Buy on Twitter, but enough people got the reference for the joke to go viral. The tweet was deleted pretty quickly and replaced with one that read, "We deeply apologize for our earlier tweet about Serial. It lacked good judgment and doesn't reflect the values of our company. We are sorry." Safe to say, anytime a corporation is "deeply apologizing," someone is getting canned.